Beat Mistress with fuzzy mallets

Beat Mistress

A Brief History

Beat Mistress is a solo project by drummer Linda LeSabre in Los Angeles, California USA.  Beginning in 1992, this project was originally called The Exotic Drums of Linda LeSabre but after several shows, approximately 1 year later, the name was changed to Beat Mistress.

Linda LeSabre is a former member of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult who played on their Sexstacy Ball U.S. Tour (1995) + their Hit & Run Holiday U.S. Tour (1995).  Later in 1998, Thrill Kill Kult introduced Beat Mistress to their fans by having her open for them on their U.S. tour that year. 

Linda LeSabre performs a tom-tom heavy drum style while using a stand-up kit.   Using the world's first 2 instruments--voice + drums, Beat Mistress explores tribal-inspired grooves, shamanic trance beats, adrenalized rhythms + heartfelt songs in her first album, released December 2021:  Primal One Tribal Drums. 

Prior to this new 2021 album release Primal One Tribal Drums, Beat Mistress had released a video album Primal One in 1992, a Primal One soundtrack cassette + the 7" vinyl single The Exotic Drums of Beat Mistress in 1998 (out-of-print).

Past shows include the notorious Club Fuck, Sin-A-Matic, Aphrodite's Temple + Shiva's Erotic Banquets raves, an Act Up! fundraiser with L7, Kontrol Faktory, Jabberjaw, 

Beat Mistress performs live shows + events of all types including clubs, rituals, raves, art openings, parties, outdoor fests + is available for bookings.  Click the email button below for inquiries.

Do feel free to email me your thoughts, feelings + journeys you've taken on my music. I look forward to hearing from u.